Q: How do I get signed up for CIF? 

A: CLICK HERE to get signed up. Our boxes start at $19 USD a month, not including taxes or shipping costs. 


Q: How do I cancel my subscription? 

A: We are sad to see you go. Please email us here:  Candice@craftingitforward.com and we can cancel your subscription. Depending on the date of your cancelation you might be billed for the following month. 


Q: I signed up but my box has not arrived yet? 

A: once you sign up for CIF, you should receive a box the next month and each month after that. If you feel it is longer than a one month waiting period you can email us here:  Candice@craftingitforward.com


Q: I am missing some craft supplies in my box. 

A: We are so sorry! This is very rare and shouldn’t happen again. A lot of times you will actually have more supplies than needed, but every once in a while a feather floats out of your box that is being packed up. We apologize! Please know these boxes are being put together by hand in the US and we thank you for your grace and patience with us as we grow.  Please email us immediately and we will ship out the missing supplies! 


Q: I can’t figure out how to make the craft. 

A: In each box there will be directions on how to assemble the craft. We also have a blog (http://craftingitforward.com/blog) that you can keep updated with and chat with us in the comment section. Let us know where you are having trouble.  The goal is to have great family time and make memories, so stay encouraged. 



A: We are excited that you are a part of the Crafting It Forward family.

In each box you will find: craft supplies, organized directions, and an address of a senior center or children’s hospital to craft it forward once the craft is enjoyed. Find a moment to clear time and space to engage with your child while building this craft. Have fun, turn on some music, and make your favorite treats to snack on during the crafting time together. We know these boxes to create memories between you and your little ones for a lifetime.



A:  All contents in the box need to be supervised with children. Some crafts have small pieces that are a choking hazard.  Please use caution! Crafting It Forward is not responsible for how crafting supplies are used after the box has been delivered. 


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