Summer Party Ideas On A Budget

Watermelon Party

Watermelon Pops
This super easy DIY snack is an affordable and fun way to get the kids to eat their fruit. Just cut up some watermelon and add a popsicle stick to create a melon pop!

Painted Napkins
You and the little ones will have loads of fun stamping on watermelon print to a cloth napkin. Not only will they be adorable for a summer get together but you can use them year round in your kitchen as a cute hand towel.

Free Printable Invites
Can you believe that these rad invitations are completely free! We could hardly control our excitement when we found these gems.

One In A Melon Backdrop
Recreate this DIY with some colored construction paper, scissors, tape, and paint! Whether you choose it for a food backdrop, photobooth, or dessert display this is a photo worthy craft that is sure to be a hit at your summer get together.

Let's Flamingle!

DIY Flamingo Balloon Decor
Water balloons are a staple in a kids fun summer party get together. Now lets turn those cute pink ones into adorable flamingo balloons. Blow up water balloons, cut out flamingo shaped wings, head, and beak use some tape and glue to put it all together and even add a stick into the mix.

Flamingo Straw DIY
Recreate these adorable straws using pink feathers, pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls, paint, and those cute paper striped straws. Drinking from these flamingos are guaranteed to add a whole new level of of awesomeness to your summer party.

DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Yard Game
Purchase some of those rad plastic flamingo lawn trinkets and some plastic rings to create this fun game for your summer party. Depending on where you are setting this activity you can either stick them right into your lawn or use some sand and pots to turn this ring toss into an indoor game. Plus you can customize it with some spray paint to make sure that you stick with your chosen color theme!