May The Force Be With You… And Your Family

We know it’s no secret that we love a good craft and in case you didn’t know we’re also huge Star War geeks, so what could be better than mixing the two? Nothing, duh! So now that we have all that established it is time to plan out your crafting Star Wars watching marathon.

Drive-In Landspeeder
How fun would these cardboard Landspeeders be for your little ones to sit and enjoy the movie? Create your very own drive-in with these adorable hovercrafts. With come cardboard, tape, a glue gun, paint, and lots of crafting fun your kid’s imagination will soar. Check out the full tutorial here.

Death Star Piñata
Put your kid’s toy lightsabers to good use with this DIY Death Star piñata. Enjoy transforming a premade baseball or soccer ball piñata with some paint and paper to create this iconic Star Wars symbol.

Toilet Tube Star Wars Characters
We love a good DIY craft that utilizes all of those seemingly useless toilet paper rolls around the house. Now add in color paper, scissors, glue, tape, a hole punch, and lots of imagination. Get creative and have fun with it! Grab other random supplies from around the house and encourage your kids to use their creativity to create their favorite Star Wars character or even have them imagine their own.

Movie Snacks
Here are some deliciously adorable Star Wars inspired snacks that will perfect for eating during your movie marathon night.