Snowday Funday

For all of those rainy days and snow days ahead of you this winter, we thought we would do you all a solid and create the ultimate list of fun indoor activities to do with your little ones. Nothing can a drive parent crazier than a bored child stuck inside with nothing to do. So, let's turn off the TV and make rainy days and snow days memorable!

Indoor Camping

Turn on the fireplace, hitch a tent or create a fort out of some bed sheets, grab the marshmallows and tell ghost stories all day long. The kids will get a kick out of you turning off all the lights in the house and busting out those handy-dandy flashlights for an extra level of fun.

Wish Upon a Star

Take some time to teach your kids all about stars and constellations. Here are a few of our favorite fun facts to share with your kiddos (facts from KidsKonnect):

  • A star is a massive ball of plasma (very hot gas) held together by gravity. It radiates energy because of the nuclear reactions inside it. A constellation is a group of stars, usually in a recognizable shape or pattern. Together, the stars look like a picture.
  • The star that is closest to the Earth is the sun.
  • A Star is a gigantic, glowing ball of plasma.
  • Stars are first formed as clouds of dust and gas.
  • Stars give off a tremendous amount of energy in the form of light and heat.
  • Most stars are between 1 billion and 10 billion years old.

Now that they have learned all about stars, it's time for the Constellation Flashlight Game from Paging Supermom! All you'll need are some cupcake liners, flashlights, scissors, glue, string, and a mini hole punch (or the tip of a pencil). Print out this Flashlight Constellations Template and have some fun with your kids inside your indoor tent as you all learn about the stories behind each constellation.

Tip: Ask your little ones to come up with their own stories about each constellation, and quiz them to see if they can identify them all.


Play Restaurant

Have a fun filled day of creating your very own restaurant; right at your dinner room table!

Menu: Have your kids decide what they'll be serving, then help them create their very own menu with some paper & art supplies. Encourage them to spell out each item on their own and draw a picture to go with it.

Cook: Now that you have decided what's on the menu it's time to get your kids involved in the cooking. Have them help you wash the vegetables, learn to safely use a knife, mix ingredients together, and whatever else is age appropriate.

Set the table: The little ones will have a blast decorating the room to look like the restaurant of their dreams. Have them create works of art to hang on the wall, create their own paper flowers, design some place mats, and set the table.

Play Waiter/Waitress: This is both mine and the kids favorite part! Have the kids play waiter or waitress by dressing them up in an apron, and equipping them with a pad of paper and pen. Relax at the table as the guest at your child's restaurant, and your adorable little servers will have tons of fun asking you for your drink and food order. Watch their faces light up as they bring you your meal, and give you your bill at the end.

It's loads of fun and a great all day activity that you will want to cherish forever.

Indoor Obstacle Course

There are plenty of different ways to go about creating an obstacle course; whether you put out pillows to jump over, chairs to crawl under, or bins to jump on there is no wrong way to go about this activity! Some other fun ideas include putting down a strip of painters tape on the floor to challenge to kiddos to walk in a straight line, creating a string maze for them the carefully walk through, and creating a mound of couch pillows to crawl over. Get creative, have fun, and get ready for lots of laughs!

Tip: Time the little ones as they run the course to see if they get faster after a few runs. Make one round into a relay race with a baton of your choice.

Paper Airplane Contest

Do your kids love making paper airplanes? Well, if so, here are a few great ways to take that fun activity into a game that will last for hours.

Practice Your Aim: The first is to create a hanging target with various sized goals and points to make it competitive for the little ones and strengthen their aiming skills.

Fly The Furthest: The second game is to make a numbered landing strip to test whose airplanes can fly the furthest. Using painters tape on the floor is an easy way to set up the game, and is even easier to clean up.

Tip: Fold a few different types of planes and test to see how the length of the wings or different folds will make a difference in the how well the planes fly. Don't forget to make sure your kids decorate their planes, and keep track of the points they rally up throughout each competition.

Tea Party

Throw a fancy tea party with your kids for all of their favorite stuffed animal friends. Introduce them to different tea flavors and see which ones they love the most; experiment by adding honey, sugar, and/or lemon. Spend the day baking fancy scones, cupcakes, and yummy cookies to snack on and cut out cute little finger sandwiches for the main course.

If you have little girls, they will love dressing up in their fanciest dresses, putting on jewelry, and strutting in Mom's over sized high heels.


Mini Day Spa

Have a spa day with your little ones and relax all day while you lounge around in comfy robes. Start with giving one another mani and pedis and laugh in delight as your little ones try their hardest not get the polish all over your hands. You can even get fancy and fill large bowls or tubs with warm water to soak your feet in. 

Then move onto DIY face masks, mix up some fresh strawberries and yogurt for a pretty in pink mask. Cut up some cucumbers for your eyes and sit and relax as you spend some quality time talking with your little ones. 


What do you and your little ones love to do on rainy days? We would love to hear!

XOXO Kerisa Ward