Summer Adventure Bucket List

We are compiling our ultimate adventure bucket list to do with the family the last few days/weeks of summer. This list has a little bit of everything for every age range.

  1. Hiking + Camping Trips: stargazing and campfire s'mores included
  2. Strawberry + Vegetable Picking: take a trip to your local farm and get your hands in the dirt with your little ones
  3. Train Ride: explore a new place and see your kids excitement grow as they see and experience the wonders of a train in person
  4. Picnic: in the park, woods, or by the lake
  5. Beach day: sand castle contests, body surfing, and sand crab hunting are a must
  6. Read + Reenact: read a new book and reenact the storyline with you little ones. Become a pirate or a wizard and be sure to dress the part!
  7. Fishing: here's a chance to let your kids play with worms and learn a thing or two about patience
  8. Outdoor Adventure Hunt: make a list and set off to the great outdoors where your little ones can explore and search for all the treasure. Making a treasure box or bag before hand for them to carry along their journey always makes this activity extra special.
  9. Bird Watching: get out your binoculars, camera, and notepad. Spend a day outside and try to find as many birds as you possibly can, have your kids watch them and write down what they look like and are doing, then go home and try to find the names of all the birds you found.
  10. Panning for Gold: teach your kids about the gold rush and take a trip to your local river, stream, or create your own goldmine in the backyard to pan for gold or other goodies and see what you can find