Getting Your Little’s Pool Ready

Summer is calling our names; with the sun shining bright and kids out of school it’s time to enjoy the pool! We have collected a few of our favorite tips for getting your little’s pool ready and loving the water in no time.

Baby Steps

It may seem like a simple and obvious tip but it’s probably the most important… let your little kiddies get used to the water. Whether it’s in the bathtub or kiddie pool, creating a calm environment where they can acclimate to the feeling of water on their body and face is the first step.

Try gently pouring water over their face with a sponge or washcloth; this will make the feeling of water in their eyes not feel so strange and scary.

Don’t forget to make it fun! Try getting in with them and showing them how to blow bubbles or play peekaboo so that they can see how enjoyable the water can be.


Slowly but Surely

If your little is a bit timid when it comes to the pool sometimes just bringing them along to watch will help make them feel more comfortable. Once they see that other people are jumping in, splashing, and enjoying the water they may be more inclined to want to join in on the festivities too. Make sure to build trust and slowly ease your little into the water by carrying them in the shallow end and ensuring that they feel safe. recommends that you hold your child under your arms, facing you, so that you allow their weight to be supported as your walked slowly backwards, chatting with them the whole time.


Make It Fun!

Encourage your little’s to blow bubbles like a fish. You can prompt them to blow small bubbles and then big bubbles, as they grow more comfortable getting their face fully submerged in the water.

The monkey walk is one of our personal favorites! When your kiddies are a little older and are developmentally ready to hold themselves off the ledge of the pool try to encourage them to do it on their own. Get them used to being in the water without you supporting them. Have your little act like a monkey as they pull themselves along the edge of the pool, they are guaranteed to have a blast as you guys goof around in the water.

When it’s time to get your kids into kicking mode red light, green light is a great activity to get them excited about doing so. You can start in the shallow end where the steps of the pool are; depending on the color you yell your little will kick accordingly. Green means kick like crazy while yellow means to slowly kick and red means stop!


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