5 of the best Disney rides for little ones

Are you planning on taking your little ones to the Happiest Place on Earth this summer? Well the CIF Team has compiled our top five favorite rides for all of the mini princesses and princes who want join in on the Disney fun.

It’s A Small World

What can we say, our team swoons over everything and anything that is bright, colorful, and gets our creative juices flowing. This ride is a classic and our all time favorite guilty pleasure. Now some may complain about the ever so popular theme song, “It’s A Small World After All,” but we know that you all secretly sing along with it too. Plus seeing your little’s face light up with joy and excitement as they stare up at all of the wonders of the world… well that is a memory that you will remember forever.

Tip: And for all those Disney enthusiasts out there, be sure to keep an eye out for some new recognizable additions to the ride. You and your family can make a game out of who can spot the Disney characters first as you float along.


Alice In Wonderland

Here we go again, obsessing over all of the amazing colors, shapes, and wonders of Disneyland rides. Alice In Wonderland is a hidden gem that sometimes gets forgotten amongst the Tea Cups and excitement of the Matterhorn.  This lovely little ride can hold a family of 4-6 depending on the age and size of each member. And the best part is that you get to ride in a bright and wonderfully colorful caterpillar that is sure to get your little’s excited for the journey. Get ready to follow Alice on her adventure through Wonderland where you get a chance to see Chesire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts come to life.

Tip: Sometimes we love going on the ride while the parade is going, it gives you an amazing birds eye view of the parade floats and is a fun way for your little’s to see their favorite Disney character at eye level.


Peter Pan’s Flight

This one is a personal favorite… even as an adult I readily admit that I am more than willing to wait the hour-long line to get on that magical flying ship. Soaring over the city of London, being amongst the stars, and having a birds eye view of Never Land makes this ride one of the most popular in all of Disneyland. Just remember to think happy thoughts and follow the second star on the right.

Tip: If you are staying at one of the Disney Hotels and are able to take advantage of the early entry perk we recommend that you head to this ride first and beat the crowd. Oh and keep in mind while you’re planning out your day that most rides in Fantasyland close early for fireworks.

Mickey’s Toontown

So this may not be a ride per say, but it is an area of the park that cannot be missed. Get prepared to watch your little one run around in pure bliss as they explore the life sized cartoon homes of some of our Disney favorites like Mickey, Minnie, Chip n’ Dale, Donald Duck, and more! There are buttons galore and plenty of fun things that your kid’s will have a blast exploring inside every room in the house. Take your time while you’re inside touring these wildly imaginative homes, trust us, you wont want to miss the fun little surprises that are hidden around every corner.

Tip: When you visit Mickey’s house you are guaranteed to have a meet and great with Mickey himself, so get the cameras ready and autograph book ready to go.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

We just couldn’t bear to leave this gem off the list. Dumbo The Flying Elephant is a classic that can’t be missed! You and your little will join Dumbo as he learns to fly and soar through the air. This ride is perfect for the younger ones in the group who are a bit more timid about going on rides. From the line they can admire the ride in its entirety without any hidden surprises, the flight is smooth very low turbulence.

Tip: If you have older kids in the group who want something with a little more excitement the Golden Zephyr in Tomorrow Land is a great option.

What rides are your favorites? Do you have any Disney tips? We’d love to hear!

XOXO Kerisa Ward