New Years Resolutions for Parents

Let's ring in the New Year by making commitments to become a better parent, spouse, and person! Often, resolutions only last a few days or weeks after January 1, but these goals are simple to achieve and will make an importance difference in your family life.

  • Technology Detox

I'm not sure about you, but I can't help but feel like technology has taken over our lives. As a parent I'm guilty of it, and our kids are following in our footsteps. Whether it's the constant need to update my news feed, or snap that perfect Instagram photo to share with the world, my phone has taken over my daily activities. But now, with 2016 in front of us, I hope that all of you will join me in committing to reducing the use of technology in your household.

(We'll be dedicating a full blog post on how to gradually detox technology out of your life so keep an eye for that! Trust us, you wont want to miss it!)

  • Team Super Parents

Let's face it, sometimes making decisions are a couple can be hard... add kids to that equation and it's even more complicated. Not only are you having to choose what's for dinner, private versus public school, budgets, and discipline styles, but you have to make all of these important decisions together as a team. We know it may seem impossible, but this year we are determined to up our parenting game and talk about decisions like this to ensure that we are on the same page! Because like Lincoln said, β€œA house divided against itself cannot stand."

So, this year lets go on date nights more! But instead of promising not to talk about the kids (which never worked anyway), let's talk ALL ABOUT the kids; because, let's face it, they are a HUGE part of our lives and there's really no escaping it. Fill up your belly with delicious meals (that you didn't cook), reconnect with your spouse, and talk about how you want to raise your children. Whatever big decisions are ahead of you, make those decisions together as a team & we promise it'll be well worth it.

  • Boost Your Child's Confidence

Low self esteem is something that we all go through; and if you're anything like me you're still struggling with it, even as an adult. Let's do our kids a favor and make an effort to boost their self esteem with these simple steps:

Wording is everything. Instead of making comments like "you're not good at math" changing your phrasing to something like "math is something that we are going to have to work extra hard on" can make all the difference.

Stop comparisons. None of us mean to do, but sometimes it just slips and we become guilty of comparing siblings. Nothing is worse than feeling like you're not good enough, or that your parents favor one of your siblings over you. So let's stop the comparison game and instead make your child feel like their differences are what makes them special.

We all love compliments! Brag about your kids to friends and family in front of them, let them eavesdrop and hear all about how proud you are of them. Nothing will fill them joy like knowing that you have noticed something that they have done or excel in.

Ask for a helping hand. Trusting that your kids are old enough to take on more responsibility makes them more confident that you believe that they are capable. When you're a child you want nothing more than to be treated like a grown up, so asking them to help with "adult" tasks will do just that.

  • More Family Time

Spending more time together as a family is something that I really want to focus on this year. Between work obligations, the kid's play dates, and making time for friends, creating family time tends to get pushed to the side. Here are some ways I'll be dedicating more time to my loved ones this year:

Family Dinners. I plan to make time for a homemade family dinner at least five days a week, and spend this time catching up with my kids and spouse. I'll concentrate on creating conversations where stories are shared and an even greater family bond is created. 

Game/Movie Nights. I will now "pencil in" one night a week where we either choose a movie to watch together, or pick a few fun family games to play all night long. It'll be a fun and non-stressful way to spend time together. 

Family Fun Day. Once a month our goal is to have a fun family outing together. This could anything from a zoo trip, a nature hike, exploring a new museum, or visiting a new city. Keep it simple so that it is something that doesn't overwhelm you and deter you from keeping this resolution all year long.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Any tips for how to keep up with them all year through? If so, we would love to hear! Remember that this is your year and it is your time to sparkle!

XOXO Kerisa