Giving With Grace

Teaching children about giving instead of receiving during the holidays usually comes with a debate from various parents and their ideals on what giving means. Whatever your families beliefs are on giving we are just happy to hear that you are putting forth an effort to teach your little ones about this very important life lesson.

Donate Toys

Whether you are encouraging your kids to donate a few of their gently used toys or are purchasing new toys and treats for those who need them most this is a great way to get your little ones into the holiday spirit of giving. Here is a list of a few great charities that accept toy donations:

Toys For Tots: With tons of donation location options this organization makes giving easy. You can even host an event or volunteer. Plus they accept other types of donations like cars, money, or Ebay sales. Another unique and awesome donation option is their In Memory or In Honor of an individual anytime throughout the year.

Second Chance Toys: The goal of this charity is to save old toys from being thrown out into dumpsters or landfills and instead find a new home with a disadvantaged child. Finding a donation site is as easy as entering your zipcode.

Donation Town: Not able to drop off the toys at a certain location? Well this organization makes it easy by picking your donations right from your doorstep!

Gifting love

We love the idea of talking to your kids about giving the gift of kindness for Christmas. These acts of kindness can be something like committing to making mommy's packed lunch everyday or helping with a certain chore around the house. Teaching children that not every gift needs to be a tangible object and that sometimes the most special gifts are the things that you do for others to show them how much you care. And the best part is that you can easily do this too to show your little ones how easy and fun it is! Children learn best by mimicking their parents, so commit to reading a bedtime book with your kids every night or spend an hour of family time crafting from a CIF box.

Random acts of kindness

How fun would it be to spend the holiday season running around and doing random acts of kindness with your family? It is a great way for children to experience generosity in a way that inspires them and ignites the love for giving. The best part is that you can create a list of the best acts of kindness that work for you family, your children, their age, interests, and your community. Turn this into a fun game for your family! Do a countdown of acts of kindness starting from the first to Christmas day or create a jar full of different ideas to do throughout the year. Here are a few fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Run around the neighborhood with some sidewalk chalk and leave kind messages on your neighbors doorstep.
  • Leave a handmade thank you note for your local mailman, teacher, or babysitter.
  • Make blankets and gift them to homeless around the community.
  • Deliver your CIF crafts and notes to your local children's hospital or senior center.
  • Send letters and gifts to soldiers over seas.
  • Visit a soup kitchen to volunteer.

As a family

Together as a family you can introduce the idea of sponsoring a child with an organization like World Vision. Talk to your kids about how there are other children around the world just like them who are less fortunate and need your help. Together as a family you can choose a child who you would like to sponsor and together as a family you can start to send letters and photos back and forth. Your children will learn about giving and make friends with a child from another country, making it a great opportunity to learn about another culture.