Christmas Traditions To Start

Make Christmas magical for kids and the entire family with these new Christmas traditions that you should start this year.

Gift Wrap The Kids Doors

This is such a fun tradition! Gift wrap your little one's doorway with wrapping paper or crepe paper so that when they wake up on Christmas morning they have to break tear through the paper and burst into the family room full of excitement. You can even tell them that Santa did it to make sure that they stayed in their room all night and didn't sneak out!

Advent Calendar

This is a great way to keep the Christmas excitement up throughout the entire month of December. The kids will absolutely love counting down to Christmas Day with these fun advent calendar options:

  • Prize Surprise: This punch out advent calendar is a great way to add some fun surprise treats for the little ones, whimsy, and color to your Christmas count down.
  • Sock Stockings: Incorporate your kiddos socks into this fun DIY. Assemble all of those mixed matched socks that are missing their pair, some ribbon, clothes pins, add some numbers then stuff and count down.

Visit/Send Gifts To Senior Center or Children's Hospital

You probably already know and are hopefully already a part of Crafting It Forward's movement to create crafts as a family and teach children first hand the joy of giving by sending the craft to a senior center or children’s hospital all over the US. Well this holiday season lets take it a step further and take the family to visit either your local senior center or children's hospital in person to spread the holiday cheer to those who need it most.

Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

Even though this is mainly a European tradition, this is a fun and great way to teach your kids about the inspiration behind Santa Clause himself. Celebrated on December 6th, the tradition is that children leave their shoes outside on the doorstep and Old St. Nick fills them up with treats.

Magical Key

Live in an apartment or house without a fireplace? Leave a magic key for Santa Clause on the front porch that will let him get through the front door without a hitch.

Santa Footprints

Whether it's from the fireplace or front door adding the special touch of creating Santa's footprint throughout the house will bring so much magical excitement to your children's Christmas morning. Create a stencil and add some fake snow or flour onto the floor.

Reindeer Food

This is a fun one that the kids will enjoy being a part of! Create a mix of oats, cheerios, carrots, sprinkles, or whatever else you think the reindeers will love. On Christmas Eve take the mix out and have the kids sprinkle it all over the font lawn or backyard. This will help the reindeers, and Santa, find your house and give them something yummy to snack on while Santa Clause is busy placing gifts underneath the tree.

Your Turn

We want to hear all about your family traditions! Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or whatever else you may celebrate. Comment below or tag us on Instagram with @CraftingItForward or#CraftingItForward, we would love to see, read, and share!

XOXO, Kerisa Ward