"Finding time to connect with my children has always been top on my priority radar."


Hi, I'm Candice. I'm a mother of 3 little ones all under 6, and finding time to connect with my children has always been important.  My mother was a kindergarten teacher for over 20 years and some of the greatest memories I have with her involved a glue stick and a big bag of craft supplies. Creating a magical environment came naturally to her and because of it, my sister and I benefited greatly. My Dad spent Saturday mornings building wooden race cars and providing a space to be creative and grow with my sister and me. Aside from spending time with my sister and me, my parents were always looking for a way to help others around them. Their car always had a tub of canned food and stuffed animals in the trunk just in case we saw someone in need. We spent time in homeless shelters and played croquet every Saturday with our older neighbors. It was truly an incredible experience for which I am grateful for. 

Fast forward 20 years later and I found myself struggling to bring my kids the same experience. It seemed frustrating and I felt lost. Trips to the craft store became expensive and it was similar to cooking a new recipe without the cookbook.  What was supposed to be a time to bond with my 3 children, became a disappointment that cost me $78 at the local craft store. From there finding the opportunity to bless those in need with my children in tow,  seemed tricky, and took lots of planning. From this feeling,  I was motivated to create change in my family. This is where the concept of Crafting It Forward was born. 

In Crafting It Forward we have put together monthly boxes that hold craft supplies that a family can enjoy together. There are enough supplies to make two crafts each month. Each craft comes with clear directions,  but leaves room for creativity and learning. In each box there will also be an address listed on a sticker label. The address might be for a children’s hospital or a senior center located all across the US.  Once your child is done enjoying the craft we recommend you send the craft to the included mailing address with a nice note about you and your family and where you are from. We expect these subscription craft boxes to bond and create memories for a lifetime between you and your children as well as spread joy across the states to people that need a smile. Crafting It Forward is our way of helping you create a magical environment that has purpose.