We deliver monthly boxes of organized and hip DIY craft supplies to youngsters. Memories are made, creativity is cultivated, and love is spread.  Included in each box is a shipping label to "craft it forward"  because once the craft is enjoyed, it's passed on to a children’s hospital or  senior center to be enjoyed all over again. Together, we are crafting with purpose.   


Crafting with kids.

Each month a box of organized DIY craft supplies and directions will arrive at your home. These crafts are perfect for 3-7 year olds and create precious moments together and a magical home environment. 

make family memories.

Crafting It Forward has curated our subscription craft boxes to help create memories for a lifetime between you and your child. We are huge advocates of intentional family time to strengthen bonds and encourage creativity.

Craft it forward.

All children love making something new and fun but once the craft is done being admired, we give your kiddos the chance to learn first hand the joy of giving by sending the craft to a senior center or children’s hospital all over the US.

You & your family will be crafting with purpose. 


Our Vision 

Crafting It Forward is a way to create a magical environment for you and your family that has a purpose. Finding time each month to be present with your child and enjoy them is key to growing your relationship. Spending days at the park, storytime at the local library, and dates with your little one are all ways to bond your relationship for life. Crafting is a way to allow a child to be creative, learn rules, and work towards a goal together.  Our vision is that every time you open your Crafting It Forward box you open a time and space for you and your child to grow and make memories together.  


What's in the Box

Crafting It Forward is a monthly subscription for a box full of craft supplies. We have curated monthly boxes that hold craft supplies that a family can enjoy together. There are enough supplies to make two crafts each month. Each craft comes with clear directions but leaves room for creativity and learning. In each box, there will also be an address listed on a sticker label. The address might be for a children’s hospital or a senior center located all across the US. Once your child is done enjoying the craft we recommend you send the craft using the included shipping label with a nice note about you, and your family and where you are from. We expect these subscription craft boxes to bond and create memories for a lifetime between you and your children as well as spread joy across the states to people that need a smile. Crafting It Forward is our way of helping you create a magical environment that has purpose.


Sponsoring a Child 

Enough children are diagnosed with cancer to fill a classroom a day for the next year. We cannot imagine what it would be like to have a child with cancer or any type of pediatric illness.  While our world continues to move forward, the world of these diagnosed families stops. These parents and children are modern day heroes and we want to do anything we can to come alongside them and support them. Every kid enjoys crafting, bonding with their parents, learning, and being creative. Because of this we have added an option to “sponsor a child”. Each month that your Crafting It Forward box will show up at your home or your and your little ones to enjoy, and we will we will also send the child you sponsor their own Crafting It Forward box straight to their care facility or their home for them to enjoy as well. We have teamed up with some amazing organizations that are helping make this possible. Thank you for joining us and crafting with purpose



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